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Typical Quote from Lease Expert

Typical Quote from Lease Expert

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Because we are aiming for 100% transparency, here is a 'typical' quote from Lease Expert... read on

picture_in_picture Scenario...

You are a client wanting to take out a lease of a high street, ground floor shop unit.

In this scenario, the Landlord's Solicitor would be preparing the documents for us to then review (in their favour of course).

  1. For negotiating the lease, checking it and explaining / removing the most onerous or unfair clauses  £699 plus VAT (this is half at just £299 plus VAT if it is a Law Society Business Lease).

  2. FREE done We ask for and review commercial property standard enquiries

  3. FREE done We review the title

  4. FREE done We print out and prepare engrossment copies (engrossments are the final official documents you would sign)

  5. If there is a Rent Deposit Deed, we charge £250 plus VAT for reviewing and making the same more in your favour (e.g. making sure that the rent deposit is held in the best interest bearing account available in a UK Clearing Bank — as you would get this interest back).

  6. If there is a Licence to Alter, we charge £250 plus VAT for reviewing the same (and putting together the schedule of works).

  7. If the lease needs registering, we charge £100 for our time plus the Land Registration Fee (which depends on the value of the lease and premium, if any)

  8. FREE done If Stamp Duty is payable, we submit this return to the Inland Revenue

  9. If the Lease is excluded from the Landlord and Tenant Act then we charge £250 plus VAT... (can you see there is an easy formula here for pricing).

announcement More importantly...

we try to keep these costs down for you and in many instances, the client actually only pays £699 plus VAT — for all of this advice and support when setting up a new business.

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