Instant Commercial Property Lease Quote

  • Reviewing a law society business lease supplied by a  landlord from £249+VAT
  • Preparing a new law society business lease to give to a  tenant : £249+VAT
  • Reviewing a supplied lease supplied by a landlord: from £449
  • Preparing a new high value lease to give to a tenant: from £449
  • Reviewing a licence to assign and preparing a lease assignment on behalf of landlord: £399
  • Resolving an assignment of a lease on behalf of tenant: £399+Landlord fees if applicable
  • Reviewing a licence for alterations: from £299
  • Reviewing a business purchase agreement: £499

Commercial Property Lease Expert

For most business ventures, premises, whether leased (rented) or purchased are a major part of your expenditure and usually form part of the business plan.

A new pizza shop


If you were setting up a new pizza shop and you have researched the area, established your client base and ensured you can target your marketing have bought your new pizza oven and extractor, perhaps invested in a kebab grill...all of this is pointless without a good location.

Our job is to ensure that when you find that location, we can obtain that unit for you, on your terms with minimum fuss. We can act whether this is a new lease, a transfer of a lease (a lease assignment) an underlease (sublease) or whether you are purchasing it outright.

No matter how you obtain the premises, we will be there for you, explaining each step and making sure you have cost certainty from the outset.

100% peace of mind

100% Peace of Mind

Over the last few hundred lease transactions, for example, we have an unbeaten record of charging 'additional fees' once. On the occassion it happened this was simply because the scope of our work changed as our client changed their mind. Even then we immediately broke it down for the client and explained what was required and how much it would cost.

We offer 100% peace of mind because we go through what you are trying to achieve over the phone — asking pertinent questions and then giving you a quote you can rely on.

You can obtain a quote from the website straight away as well — though we find the detailed questioning often brings out factors that had not been considered — and often results in the cost being lower! (e.g. many clients are being told that the lease will be 'excluded' from the Landlord and Tenant Act. When we explain the full ramifications of this, they negotiate the lease to be 'included' within the Landlord and Tenant Act and thus save some legal fees).

Good commercial property lawyer

Good Commercial Property Lawyer

Taking on a commercial lease is a very big commitment and although the law very much protects Joe public when renting residential property, with commercial property, good solid legal advice may help you avoid a costly mistake.

A good commercial property lawyer (solicitor) is the person best placed to review and negotiate the lease on your behalf. Even when heads of terms have been agreed, there is so much that a good commercial property solicitor will do for you when acting for you. Of course, cost is a factor when setting up a business and people do look to keep their legal fees to a minimum. That said, invariably, with commercial leases, a good solicitor may very well save you thousands and ensure that the lease is going to be an asset for your business rather than a liability.

Typical Quote from Lease Expert

we are aiming for 100% tansparency

Because we are aiming for 100% transparency, here is a 'typical' quote from Lease Expert:


You are a client wanting to take out a lease of a high street, ground floor shop unit.

In this scenario, the Landlord's Solicitor would be preparing the documents for us to then review
(in their favour of course).

  1. 1.

    For negotiating the lease, checking it and explaining / removing the most onerous or unfair clauses  £500 plus VAT (this is half at just £249 plus VAT if it is a Law Society Business Lease).

  2. 2.

    We ask for and review commercial property standard enquiries ... FOR FREE.

  3. 3.

    We review the title... FOR FREE

  4. 4.

    We print out and prepare engrossment copies (engrossments are the final official documents you would sign)... FOR FREE

  5. 5.

    If there is a Rent Deposit Deed, we charge £150 plus VAT for reviewing and making the same more in your favour (e.g. making sure that the rent deposit is held in the best interest bearing account available in a UK Clearing Bank — as you would get this interest back).

  6. 6.

    If there is a Licence to Alter, we charge £150 plus VAT for reviewing the same (and putting together the schedule of works).

  7. 7.

    If the lease needs registering, we charge £100 for our time plus the Land Registration Fee (which depends on the value of the lease and premium, if any)

  8. 8.

    If Stamp Duty is payable, we submit this return to the Inland Revenue... FOR FREE

  9. 9.

    If the Lease is excluded from the Landlord and Tenant Act then we charge £150 plus VAT... (can you see there is an easy formula here for pricing).

More importantly, we try to keep these costs down for you and in many instances, the client actually only pays £500 plus VAT — for all of this advice and support when setting up a new business.

Landlord and Tenant Act in Simple Terms

Landlord and Tenant Act

The Landlord and Tenant Act is most obvious when it comes to security of tenure for business leases. What this means in real terms requires you to think about your new business..

Imagine you have just started a new business as a hair dressers or beauty salon. The first 6 months or so are hard as you build up your client base, by month 7 you are breaking month 15 you are making a nice living and by month 36 you are actually starting to enjoy owning your own business... then, you get to month 48 of your 4 year lease and your Landlord comes along... takes one look at your thriving business and decides he want's a piece of it...

If your lease is included within the Landlord and Tenant Act then getting you out is actually quite difficult - that is, as your lease ends, you would have an automatic right to renew on similar or identical terms. Hurrah!!!.

That said, if your lease is excluded from the Landlord and Tenant Act, an unscrupolous landlord could insist on putting your rent up when the new lease started, or threaten you to end your lease (and they could) meaning that you lose all the good work you put in, in establishing the business in the first place.

As a hard and fast rule, if your business is location dependant and could build up 'good-will' from it's location, then having the lease 'included' within the act is essential.

If however, your business is not (e.g. there is little customer interaction in person) then it may not matter so much and you may choose to negotiate the lease in other ways (e.g. you may agree for the lease to be outside of the Act, in return for a break right at year 2....).

If you are not sure, and simply want a guide, feel free to with your questions and he will try to help. Please do however note that we will not assist people who have already instructed another Solicitor (we are very helpful, but not stupid).

You can also ring 0844 412 5857 and ask for Laura Wilson, one of the directors of Conveyancing Expert, who will happily assist.

If you want advice on your specific lease,
give the experts a call on 0844 412 5857.

We will review your commercial lease for you for just £249.00
plus VAT, giving you a little bit of certainty at this time.

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